Interesting to contemplate the future and what part solicitors will have in the process in 2025. Could it be....

Purchaser forwards link to property lawyer via an app with property details.

On receipt searches applied for and retuned by local authority in 5 minutes.

Vendors replies to preliminary enquiries returned with a video recording of vendor confirming the true position . Video linked to lie detector confirming position.

Solicitor receives mortgage offer from lender 10 minutes later..subject to survey.

Drone surveyor reports on property. Video survey file saved on system.

Mortgage offer confirmed.

Chain verified by app confirming chain intact and ready to exchange.

Deposits received from client.

Lenders transfer mortgages

Exchange happens. App on phones belonging to those in chain plays Madness version of "Our House"

Removal company drones collect belongings.

Completion occurs

Mortgage proceeds transferred.

Estate events commissions automatically paid

Titled deeds logged on line with change of owner.

Invites to housewarming party sent to all neighbours.

Solicitor turns up at party and says.......(Caption Competition....)

Have I missed anything?