Some great tips here from an inspirational woman in business. Reflecting on some of the best business advice I was offered early in my career I'd agree with each of the points shared here by Carolyn. I'd also add three more. The need to be authentic in your dealings with the emotional investors in your business - that is, those people inside and outside your business who make a contribution to the greater good, who feel part of what you are trying to achieve. Sounds obvious but the need to take people "with" you and involve them in communicating and delivering a corporate vision for your business. And finally, trying to create an environment where your colleagues feel able to freely share ideas, suggestions for new ideas and improvement without fear of criticism. The creation of that very precious space takes time and attention but it delivers real rewards in terms of shared satisfaction, a clear purpose and a culture of innovation and trust. Thanks Carolyn for a very engaging piece of video and some thought-provoking tips.