A couple has lost their future home and over £200,000 to fraudsters. It is another example of a highly sophisticated system where the fraudster intercepts communication between solicitor and client. They then e-mail the client to indicate that the solicitor has changed bank details and providing a bogus account for the money transfer.

This results in the unsuspecting victim transferring the funds before realising the account details are incorrect. By the time the fraud is detected, the money is often difficult to recover.

This is yet another tragic example of an ever increasing problem in the conveyancing world. My tips to try and limit the possibility of this happening are firstly to remain vigilant. If you receive any form of e-mail from your solicitor claiming that account details have changed, phone them to verify.

It also again confirms the benefits of using your local solicitor. You can meet them face to face and build up a trusting relationship with them. You would also be able to confirm bank details at a face to face meeting, if required, which would severely reduce the possibility of being caught by the fraudsters.

A worrying time in the conveyancing world. However, remain cautious and it is avoidable. Always confirm with the solicitors directly should you receive any new account details by email.