It's not an easy task and one which presents most good law firms with one of their greatest strategic challenges. How to attract, develop and retain great talent within the team. It's only common sense in 2016 to know that recognition and reward of employees is about much more than simply providing a decent competitive salary and the promise of a financial bonus at year end. That's merely the start of the engagement process. Today it's about recognising that great employees have higher expectations and greater employment choices available to them; flexible work patterns, a range of benefits linked to personal performance and a recognition that as solid team players they are the emotional investors within your business. Therefore they are, without question, your greatest and most precious asset. Opportunities for real personal development and career advancement should be in place as standard. Supporting and promoting a strong cultural sense of working together to achieve a shared and worthwhile vision should be management's focus. Reflecting on Clara Guibourg's insightful article, it's an aspect of our business that we in the legal sector should be working harder to address, particularly in light of other career opportunities. Legal sector, ignore it at your peril.